Music Video Promotion

First and foremost, Visual Image Marketing is a music video promotion and marketing company. Each project starts out with a conversation with you to learn more about your video, your marketing plan, your goals, where you are in your career, if you have a completed CD, if you will be promoting a single to radio and other information about your project.

If you have a music video already professionally shot, we’ll look at it and determine if it is a project that we feel we can successfully promote for you. If so, we’ll put together a promotion proposal for your video project.

If you need to have a music video shot, we’ll discuss your vision for the final video with you, discuss budgets and listen to the music. From there, we’ll suggest a few video directors for you to contact about shooting your video. After talking with the directors, you will make the choice for video director and will hire them to shoot your video.

When the video is shot, we take the finished video, compile all the paperwork that we need for the promotion and send out the videos to the music videos outlets around the world. We currently promote music videos across the US, The UK, most of Europe, New Zealand, Australia Brazil, Mexico, The Philippines and the Caribbean. We also place our clients’ videos on music video websites and OTT sites that impact viewers around the world.

Video airplay is reported back to the artist/label on a regular basis. This airplay is reported numerically, not by “Heavy”, “Medium” or “Light” rotations.

Label / Team Construction

As an artist or indie label, success is based on getting your music out to the buying public either on radio, video, live performance and buy building awareness through social media. Each one of these avenues are critical in the success of a project. Think of it as spokes of a wheel. The more spokes you have in the wheel, the smoother the ride and the better chance that you will make it to your destination.

We can help you assemble a radio team, a marketing team, a distribution team, a social media team, etc. The companies we can introduce you to are some of the best in their field.

Music Industry Consultation

You have questions… Do I release a single before the video? How should I budget for a video and promotion? Why can’t I have my Uncle Carl shoot my video for me?

If you have questions about shooting a video, how to budget for it, how does this fit into my marketing plan and other questions like that, we’d be happy to schedule an appointment with you and help you get on the right track.

Bottom line...  We love independent artists. We feel that that is where the “true” music is coming from these days. It’s not the “cookie cutter” music from sound-alike artists that are coming out of the major labels. We also feel that you don’t necessarily have to be a young 20-something artist in order to get your video played.